Je t'adore

i want you to want me.
j'espère que tu ne m'as jamais oublier.


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this one time, my boss lit a patient on fire during surgery.

  • b: i have to go to this stupid seminar about how to prevent patients from catching fire in the OR.
  • s: wait, a patient caught fire during surgery?!
  • b: yeah, it's not as difficult as it might seem. it's just one of those things like why me. why did this not happen to the 500 other surgeons here?
  • b: well when you have two surgeons, who are near peers, operating with each other, they tend to be much more decisive than when they're operating by themselves. like when i'm by myself, i'm often like, "hmmm... should i cut this?" but when there's someone else in the room, i'm just like, "hahaha yeah, i'm gonna cut this."
  • b: so anyways, i'm pretty sure this is what happened. before you open someone, you sterilize the field by scrubbing the incision site with alcohol. and the patient's head was resting on a donut sponge. the two residents were gunning for, like, a land speed record or something. and in their haste, i'm pretty sure they sloshed alcohol everywhere and soaked the donut. this is very volatile around things that spark, like surgical cauterizers. she had like a burn mark and everything.
  • b: it's really one of those situations where if the patient decides to sue,
  • it's like, "-sigh- okay, how much do you want?" because yeah, patients should really not be lit on fire during surgery.

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sweater weather

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Me every night it go out

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finally a bandaid product for me

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House Cats [x]

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